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Think of this part of the plot as the set-up: When Wei-Chen enters the room as this is transpiring, Jin realizes he has just done to his friend what was done to him. I recommend this book to teenagers because there is some racist stuff in it about Chinese people and its really funny.

An over-the-top stereotypically Chinese character will give sophisticated readers something to talk about. Wei-Chen helps Jin arrange a date to go to an amusement park with Amelia.

The stories have a simple, engaging sweep to them, but their weighty subjects--shame, racism, and friendship--receive thoughtful, powerful examination. He is called a monkey at the door and is refused entry. The art is simple, colorful, and both attractive and effective.

It perfectly captured the essence of it. The story then returns to the Monkey King tale. Educational Value Teens who read this book might be inspired to learn more about the Monkey King and may be inspired to learn about fables from China and other cultures.

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A lot or a little. Because it seemingly follows three unrelated tales until it all comes together for an epic - truly epic - twist that I didn't see coming from a mile off. Jin tries to be accepted and romance a fellow student but gets picked on by classmates. This story talks about his teenage life like he is the only Chinese boy in his school, people dont talk to him because he acts like Chinese and not American and he tries to be American and not Chinese.

It takes them a while to learn to get along with one another but in time, a friendship develops. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free.

Like Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye and Laurence Yep's Dragonwings, this novel explores the impact of the American dream on those outside the dominant culture in a finely wrought story that is an effective combination of humor and drama.

It is a loud, lavish affair and enticing aromas waft down to the people of the lands over which the Monkey King is the leader. At the start, the gods and goddesses are having a party.

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Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. When his family moves to a new neighborhood, he suddenly finds that he's the only Chinese American student at his school. Children are shown playing with Transformers toys as well as watching the same brand on television. A lot or a little.

Language Characters are taunted with ethnic slurs, including "chink," "nippy," and "gook. Jin knows that he needs to make peace with Wei-Chen and with himself. The Monkey King has ruled for thousands of years and has mastered all the heavenly disciplines, yet he yearns to leave the monkeys behind to join the ranks of the gods.

He gives himself a new name: Enter American Born Chinese, a well-crafted work that aptly explores issues of self-image, cultural identity, transformation, and self-acceptance. The parents' guide to what's in this book.

American Born Chinese

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You want the really juicy stuff. But who wants to be friends with an FOB. Then, to make matters worse, he falls in love with an all-American girl And along the way, we smoothly follow the story of the Monkey King: Life is pretty good.

The third story is about Danny who is the coolest kid in his school and the only problem with him is that his cousin brother named Chin-Kee, he visits him each year. He was nine years old when his parents moved to America. In the first, the American-born Chinese boy of the title, Jin, moves with his family from San Francisco's Chinatown to a mostly white suburb.

There he's exposed to racism (from children and adults), bullying, and taunts and is isolated until a Taiwanese boy, Wei-Chen Sun, moves in and they become friends.

Chinese-American Mash-Up. Imagine a mashup of Kung Fu Panda and John Hughes's Sixteen Candles with a multiethnic Asian and American cast. That's one way to describe Gene Yang's American Born. American Born Chinese Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for American Born Chinese is a great resource to ask.

Sep 01,  · In American Born Chinese, Gene Luen Yang details the story of Jin Wang, the only Chinese-American at his new school.

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Yang intertwines Jin's struggle with the tale of Chin-Kee (say this name aloud), the ultimate negative Chinese stereotype, as well as the legend of the Monkey King, one of the most famous Chinese fables/5. Mar 19,  · Jeffrey Li: Year-Old Sings Incredible Rendition Of 'You Raise Me Up' - America's Got Talent - Duration: America's Got Talent 27, views.

American Born Chinese is the story of Jin Wang, a young boy of Chinese American descent struggling with his ethnic identity.

The novel opens in ancient China and is a variation of the Monkey King story.

American born chinese book report
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