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Dimmesdale's death, in the appearance and demeanour of the old man known as Roger Chillingworth. But, to all these shadowy beings, so long our near acquaintances,--as well Roger Chillingworth as his companions,--we would fain be merciful.

Dismissing the jailer, Chillingworth first treats Pearl, Hester's baby, and then demands to know the name of the child's father. In fact, he cares so much for Pearl that when he passed away in his will he left money to Pearl.

When they meet in the woods, they feel that, "No golden light had ever been so precious as the gloom of this dark forest Chillingworth appears later standing beside the scaffold, staring at Dimmesdale, Hester, and Pearl.

On the threshold she paused,--turned partly round,--for perchance, the idea of entering, all alone, and all so changed, the home of so intense a former life, was more dreary and desolate than even she could bear. Wilson were executors, he bequeathed a very considerable amount of property, both here and in England, to little Pearl, the daughter of Hester Prynne.

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Prying and is married to a beautiful women named Hester Prying. In her arms is the product of her sin, Pearl, a three month old baby who is experiencing life outside the prison for the first time Each, in its utmost development, supposes a high degree of intimacy and heart-knowledge; each renders one individual dependent for the food of his affections and spiritual life upon another; each leaves the passionate lover, or the no less passionate hater, forlorn and desolate by the withdrawal of his object.

He feels that he will never be seen the same in the eyes of God, and that no amount of penitence can ever return him to God's good graces. Roger Chlorinating rarely sees her or even speaks to this child but yet he has a special connection to her.

Choose Type of service. The second scene occurs several years later and shows the effects after time has had a chance to play its part. It will not flee from me, for I wear nothing on my bosom yet If she ever does so, he warns her, he will destroy the child's father.

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

On that account, it is clear that Hawthorne uses the scaffold scenes, not only as a unifying device, but as a means to keep the reader interested in the novel by providing plenty of action.

Perhaps the most important influence on the story is the author's interest in the "dark side" "Introduction" VIII. The Scarlet Letter is one of the few books that will be timeless, because it deals with alienation, sin, punishment, and guilt, emotions that will continue to be felt by every generation to come.

Some affirmed that the Reverend Mr. It has been said that this work represents the height of Hawthorne's literary genius; dense with terse descriptions. Which then brings to light the question, can something good come from something so bad. Pearl's very existence in this scene is the largest immediate effect of her parents' crime Hawthorne did not condone their acts and actually spent a great deal of his life renouncing the Puritans in general VII.

The townspeople, however, never had a chance to see the true Roger Prying. And, as Hester Prynne had no selfish ends, nor lived in any measure for her own profit and enjoyment, people brought all their sorrows and perplexities, and besought her counsel, as one who had herself gone through a mighty trouble.

In the spiritual world, the old physician and the minister--mutual victims as they have been--may, unawares, have found their earthly stock of hatred and antipathy transmuted into golden love.

Others contended that the stigma had not been produced until a long time subsequent, when old Roger Chillingworth, being a potent necromancer, had caused it to appear, through the agency of magic and poisonous drugs. In addition, the relationships between the characters and their development are both interesting and essential to the novel.

When Pearl is on walks with her mother, she occasionally finds herself surrounded by the curious children of the village. Ultimately, Chillingworth takes a severe turn for the worse when Dimmesdale reveals his sin.

Earlier in life, Hester had vainly imagined that she herself might be the destined prophetess, but had long since recognized the impossibility that any mission of divine and mysterious truth should be confided to a woman stained with sin, bowed down with shame, or even burdened with a life-long sorrow.

It does not last for long though, because it is his nature to control his emotions. The Scarlet Letter - a book report - Point of View The point of view is obviously a third-person omniscient, with respect to the narrator. Symbolism The Scarlet Letter "A" The chief symbol in the novel is the scarlet letter "A", which plainly symbolizes Hester's adultery.5/5(1).

Analysis Of The Book ' The Scarlet Letter ' Words | 6 Pages. where the scarlet letter, A, is an extended metaphor that symbolizes a multitude of things: adultery, sin, charity, righteousness, grace, and the danger of merely thinking symbolically.

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This Essay The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and other 64,+ term papers, which is represented in the book by the scarlet letter - the word adultery is never mentioned. Hester has a child named Pearl, who was three months old at the start of the story.

Report this essay. Similar Essays. Should Scarlet Letter Be Published;4/4(1). - The Scarlet Letter: A Symbolic Narrative After reading any sort of book or story, the reader may sit back and think about how the book was written.

For example, one may look at the style, genre, and origins of the book. A book report on the book"The Scarlet Letter". It is an examination on the differences between the marketplace and the forest. Hester goes to the market and people can barely glance at her and the scarlet letter/5(4).

The Scarlet Letter: The Book vs. the Movie Demi Moore's portrayal of Hester in the movie The Scarlet Letter proved her worth as a feminist actress, which led her to other, more modern female empowerment roles ranging from Striptease to GI Jane.

Scarlet letter book report
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